The Secret Life of Water

I recently read a book called “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. It talked about the theory that water holds emotions and energy. I found this very interesting, because the human body is made up of more than 70% water. Most of us have only come to know water as an inanimate object, that holds minerals. Yet, it is constantly moving in a cycle, and taking on the vibration of its surroundings.

Mr. Emoto had been photographing pictures of natural water for about 10 years when he began to experiment with the water. The samples of water were taken from a natural place, like a lake, river, or ocean. Once it froze, he would carefully pull out samples, and very quickly capture a super magnified image. There is a millisecond of time available to capture the crystal of water. He discovered that when water was exposed to certain words, images, or music it would show a consistency in the type of patterns they expressed during their frozen state.

“Everything is eternally moving, and vibrating on and off, at an incredible speed…. Humans are also vibrating and each individual vibrates at a unique frequency. Each one of us has the sensory skills necessary to feel the vibrations of others”

Masaru Emoto

An interesting fact I learned from this book was there are 108 elements, and 90 of those 108 are found in humans. The author shared that the more elements in an organism, the more emotions. Each emotion holds a certain frequency or vibration that matches specific elements.

I highly recommend you read this book and take in this information yourself, but for me, this really sparked the curiosity that saying an affirmation and even filtering water can help us in some way to control the way water effects us.

Do you know the process your water at home goes through before it comes out of your faucet? Most homes have miles of piping that water has to travel before it reaches you, then its treated with chlorine and can carry heavy metals along with minerals. This changes the vibration and effect that our water has on our bodies when we bath or drink it.

This week, I challenge you to bless your water. Become more aware and present with your water before you drink it or take a bath. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

  • Store your water in copper or copper alloy cups or a pitcher.
  • Use polished healing crystals, do your research because some are not safe to drink with.
  • Say an affirmation to your water after pouring.
  • Bow down to respect your water.

Just holding a positive intention before drinking your water will help you change its vibration before ingestion or whatever use you have for it. Please let me know what you think! Thank you so much for reading!

Hidden Messages In Water

How We Treat Our Water Is How We Will Feel In Our Bodies

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