Creating Luminous Spaces: Biophilic Design and Feng Shui

As a child I often moved my bedroom around. It changed with me, as I grew into my personality, my room adapted to my lifestyle. It was refreshing to wake up to what felt like a new home and one that felt closer to who I am as a person. Now that I am older, it’s no surprise that I still have the habit of moving around my home. I feel my life changed forever when I learned about Feng Shui. I only heard about it in movies, until I decided to pick up a book from the library.

The book I picked up was called “Creating Luminous Spaces: Use the Five Elements for Balance and Harmony in Your Home and in Your Life” by Marureen K. Calamia. This book has changed my life, I want more permanent changes, rather than random fixes. I want harmony and peace in my home. The book was easy to read, and I couldn’t to put it down.

It talked about the impact our environment has on our psyche, our cognitive functioning and physiology. Feng Shui is a science created from observation of the natural world. The book touches on something that really spoke to my heart called biophilia. Thos means our inherent need to connect to all living things. This concept has been used as a focal point for some designers and architects and termed “biophilic design”.

“Energy is invisible and subtle, yet it is often more powerful than any physical matter”

Maureen Calamia

Camalia asked us to connect to the energy of our home. Sit in each room, be present, feel the energy that room has on you. How does that room make you feel? Energized? Stressed? Calm? What areas in your home, if any, feel blocked? What elements can you take away or bring into it and make that room’s energy feel different?

My experience with the book, and with Feng Shui has turned my house into a home. I have lived in my house for five years now, changing it around and making things “better” for our changing life. I now feel like the energy in my house speaks to my soul and makes me never want to leave. It is my sanctuary, and a home for my children. The changes I made have allowed me to feel my house in a different vibration, connecting it with nature, connecting with myself and connecting with my family in a way that I have never have.

I challenge you to see what room’s energy you resonate with and which ones you don’t. Think of why the room makes you feel the way you do. Sometimes this is not easy. My story was I didn’t have an office, and I didn’t have a place where I can have quiet away from my kids to work. I cleared space in my bedroom for my work, and started to feel drained all the time. The energy had been overstimulated for my bedroom, so one of my first changes was to find a new place for my office and work. I now work from my kitchen table, which isn’t ideal but I still get sleep, and the intimacy factor is coming back to my bedroom.

What I want you to take away from all this is to not feel like you need to buy new furniture or move your entire house around. Instead, connect with your house. Find where can you invite new energy in a room that drains you. Where can you invite peace and balance into your home to reflect that into your mind?

I highly recommend you read this book! Always check your local library first, but I have provided a link below to Barnes and Noble.

Thank you so much for reading!

Here is a link to the authors website as well!

Order Creating Luminous Spaces Book

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