Go Local Organic and Heal Your Body and the Earth

Imagine a world where we can improve the function of our bodies while improving the quality of life, and the health of our planet.

What does it mean to be locally organic?

Organic farmers promote biodiversity by improving the quality of their soil by growing food organically. Organic food provides a healthily source of nutrients to humans and helps improve the quality of our planet. Organic farmers cycle their resources, which reduces waste and prevents the soil from getting stressed and nutrient depleted. To be considered “local” the organic food is provided by organic farmers that are within 100 miles from your local farmers market or grocery store.

The downside to organic farming is it’s more costly than conventional farming. Without the aid of artificial chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers, yields are lower. Lower yields and higher labor requirements drive up the price of organic foods at the grocery store.

The increased cost of organic food is outweighed by the health benefits to humans and the way organic farming protects our environment.

Organic food is a great start to make that dream a reality, here’s my top five reasons on how:

  • Local Organic Food Helps Reduce Emissions: This is especially true for fruit and veggies grown out of season, or grown from a far away place. Its transportation needs create more emissions which lead to green house gasses affecting the quality of the air we breath and the Earth’s atmosphere. Buying organic is great but to buy local and organic is optimal.
  • Local Organic Food Helps Your Local Economy: Organic food grown and sold locally helps support small farmers, business owners, and your local economy.
  • Organic Foods Help Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease: If you were to compare any fruit or veggie one which is organic and one that is grown non-organic they would look identical to the human eye. An interesting fact is both organic and non-organic foods contain the same calories and nutritional value. The biggest difference can only be seen at a cellular level. Studies have shown that organic foods tend to hold more phenol’s that aid in the production of healthy anti-carcinogenic cells when ingested. These anti-carcinogenic cells can help prevent cancer and heart disease.
  • Consuming Organic Fed Animals Can Improve Our Earth and Gut Health: Organic fed animals are given access to outdoors, which lowers stress in the animal, reducing the hormone cortisol, which leads to the accumulation of fat. Animals that are not given access to the outdoors are typically sitting inside closed doors in their own feces and urine. The ammonia created from this is then going into our atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. This is dramatically reduced when the animal eliminate outdoors. The waste then enters the soil, being naturally broken down and in turn actually improves the quality of the soil. What our animals are fed before they are slaughtered, adds to the quality of meat. For example, a grass fed cow compared to a corn fed cow will result in a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to our bodies.
  • Organic Foods Improve Digestion: Organic food is made with all natural products, which makes it easier to digest. This helps overall mood, gut function and energy levels. Whereas, processed foods are harder to break down. This creates stress in the gut and intestines, causing inflammation which reflects negativity on gut health, mood, and energy levels.

In my household we buy organic when we can but it is more expensive. We cannot always afford to eat organic. It’s important to know that when you can’t afford local organic you can still eat healthy by eating Whole Foods, canned foods, or frozen foods. This will always be the more mindful choice over processed food like chips chips or fast food.

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