Finding Your Life Purpose

Who Am I?

How Do I Get What I Want?

What Do I Want?

At a young age we are very sensitive to the world around us and our place within that world. We may feel our personal value is determined from society and not from within. We then feed off the expectations of society, which can be unrealistic, unfulfilling, and irrational. Our personal image becomes superficial, and compensatory. We strive for the love of a society status, to prove that we are someone because we are not connected to ourselves. We are never happy no matter what we do, no matter the praise we receive, and we get this idea of “ill feel better only when..” and nothing fills the hole we have within ourselves.

letting go of expectations, letting go of ego, and stepping out of our comfort zone is the path to finding ourselves. This place is not easy to face, its scary and unknown. We have to go within find the love for ourselves, truly love ourselves for who we are flaws are not flaws but areas of growth. Being vulnerable, letting go of the fear of being judged for who we are. We are conditioned to people please, instead, we should be self pleasing.

Who are you?

Think of something that you love to do, something that makes your heart feel bigger. What qualities do you notice about yourself when you feel this way?

What do you want?

We are overwhelmed by choices, and feel like we need to make the right choice the first time. We are stopped by fear to make a choice on what we want. Make the choices that bring excitement.

Feeling Stuck?

Be a student of your life, ask yourself what your learning from the situations you find yourself in.

What do you try to avoid? This gives you an idea to what’s stopping you from feeling inspired. Take small steps to help you not become overwhelmed.

How to get what you want?

Awareness- Being in the moment

Reflection- See how this aligns with your personal beliefs,

Change in the moment- Be flexible and comfortable with change, its ok to change

Integration- Integrate this into your life, or new found beliefs

Small Steps You Can Take

  • Say an affirmation that reminds you who you are or brings you strength
  • Letting go of attachment, its the cycle of life to change
  • High Involvement in life
  • Use vision boards that reflect your beliefs
  • Saying “No.”
  • Letting go of the past, it does not define us

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