Primary Foods: Your Lifestyle is your Primary Nutrition

Do you remember what it was like to play outside as a kid? The freedom, imagination, fun and excitement. I was an explorer never to come inside until we badly needed water, or to check in to return to play. Food wasn’t on my mind, only my friends and our next adventure.

Have you ever been so involved in an exciting project you needed to be reminded to eat? Being involved in an exciting project for me was painting, hours would go by and I entered my own world. I felt inspired and stimulated. Food was never on my mind, only the joy of my newest artistic creation.

Have you ever been passionately in love? Everything was exciting, new, bold and vivid. The satiable feeling of your partners touch, and emotional connection was like a high, and life seems perfect in that moment.

Have you ever felt so low, that all you do is reach for that tub of ice-cream or bag of potato chips? When all you wanted was connection?

Our primary food helps us thrive, and supports us to be healthy.

Primary food is all areas of our life, our relationships, career, spiritual practice, physical activity, home environment etc. it feeds our soul and our hunger for life. When we focus on the areas that are out of balance we tend to find that some of our unhealthy choices come from this lack of connection to our life or primary food. If we can balance our primary food we reduce the cravings that lead to unhealthy choices, and vice-versa.

Please use this Circle of Life Tool PDF download below to see what areas of Primary Food need to be addressed in your life. Life is full of changes, and not all areas can be focused on at once, its normal for the circle to look far from perfect. The exercise is just to bring awareness to your primary food.

Instructions for Circle of Life Tool: Draw a dot for the level of satisfaction in each slice of life, the closer to the center should correlate to being less satisfied, the higher the dot, correlates a greater level of satisfaction. Connect the dots and see how full your circle is and what areas are in need of some extra TLC

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