Heal Yourself By Yourself

At the age of 52 my mom was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. By this time she had already been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, bi polar and more. She was given multiple prescriptions and told to go on a diet.

The doctor prescribed one medication, then a second medication to neutralize the side effects of the first medication. The doctors knew what symptoms they needed to cure but did they really try and understand why?

Americas health care system, unlike most around the world, focuses on treatment not prevention.

What’s sad to know is that diets do not work. Medication can have side effects that stunt our bodies ability to heal itself. We can heal ourselves by ourself before it’s too late. In the early stages of disease we can reverse or slow down ailments, we can lower mortality rates leading to longer happier lives.

Chances are that you know someone who has one of the ailments above that my mom has, and you don’t want to see that person (or yourself) suffer and put on medication their whole life.

Our health is determined by three things which is bio individual to each person: environment, lifestyle and genetics. Our genetics play a small role in our health and they not a destiny. This was discovered in a science called “epigenetics” the food we eat, and in the environment and lifestyle we live can switch on and off certain genes that influence our health. This is passed down to our future generations. The healthier you keep your genes gives your future generations a head start to a healthy life but doesn’t mean it will prevent them from ever being sick.

Eating a whole food diet, exercise, living a fulfilling life, and staying away from toxicants will turn on the healthy genes. These genes will keep your body and mind at optimal performance.

The health of our gut will show up in your body. This in turn shows up in how we interact with others and how we see ourselves. To heal yourself by yourself it is all about focusing on your gut.

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