Diets Don’t Work: Restrictive diets and unhealthy relationships with food

Diets can be a friend or “fri-enemy”. It’s scientifically proven that diets don’t work and can be unrealistic as a long term solution. Some diets can be extreme or really hard for certain individuals, like restrictive calorie intake, counting macros, or intermediate fasting. There is not a diet that fits all. That’s why I love the bio-individualistic approach. Bio-individualism sees the person as a whole, its person centered taking into account what that persons unique microbiome preference. Our microbiome is our gut flora, bacteria that lives in our gut. The good bacteria love whole foods, while the bad bacteria such as candida thrive on sugar and refined or processed foods.

We all have a taste preference like our gut bacteria. For example, I am a picky eater, I dislike eggs. A diet that calls for eggs in the morning is not a diet ill stick too, I know this and its true for fish as well. I wouldn’t force myself to eat food I dislike. I also wouldn’t want to limit myself to such a restriction. I want to eat freely without shame, or self judgment. When we limit our self, restrict our self, force diets or punish our self for eating off the diet we create negative associations with food. These associations create eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food.

If we make small healthy choices and understand that cravings or deviations from our diets speak to us about imbalances we have in our life we can create a healthy relationships with food.

here are five tips to eat a diet that doesn’t seem like a diet:

  1. Eat the foods you love- Stick with foods you know you will eat, This way you can keep the pleasure of eating. If you love fruit, eat fruit. If you love bread, eat it in moderation. If you are craving sweets but don’t want sugar, stick to sweet veggies like carrots or sweet potatoes. Make small changes to not overwhelm yourself so you can make this a long term condition.
  2. Sleep- Sleep improves our immune system, resets hormones, and helps our digestion along with many other positive health benefits. Adequate sleep is essential, and in my opinion unless you have a new baby, non-negotiable.
  3. Water- Water is essential as well. If you have a hard time drinking water, try drinking it differently. If you drink it from a water bottle try drinking it with one from a straw or from a wine glass. Whatever makes it fun for you. If you like an extra taste, try adding lemon, fresh mint leaves, cucumber, or fruit.
  4. Crowd Out- When you eat what your supposed to, less processed foods and reduced sugar, you will naturally crowd out the things you are not supposed to have.
  5. Lifestyle- Stress will effect your diet and cravings because of the hormone involved and its effects on the body-mind.

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