Spiritual Practice: Psychic Senses, the Clairs’

My husband has seen me go through all my business adventures. Photography, Art, Cricut craft making, singing, and my favorite profession, a psychic medium. Really. No joke.

I professionally read tarot, and gave intuitive readings to people mostly online for around 4 years. I actually still practice this. It was intimidating to read for others and charge them for this service. But that melted away when I learned to trust the energy, the process, to breath, and to let go of ego and expectations.

I really started to freak myself out yet, it was exciting. My connection would come using my senses. So the connection depended on the connection I had with myself.

I loved to create a ritual where I would drink a nice cup of herbal tea, sit comfortably in the dark or wear an eye mask, then I would say an affirmation setting an intention for what it is I’m doing and who or what I’m looking for.

I love how in order to see I needed to close my eyes, In order to hear, I would need quiet. In order to feel I needed to let go of my own perceptions. It is like movement, you feel tension in the opposite direction you are moving.

I would sit in the quiet, dark, and focus only on my intention or my breathing, and I would wait, for something to rise out of the darkness and quiet that surrounded me. I would then have to interoperate the sensations to determine where it originates from. Is it a feeling outside of myself? or is it something from within? If I could describe it, I would say it is both, within and without. The voice within is my intuition, the energy i’m picking up from outside of myself is where my astral body is connecting to the world.

I knew I was connecting to some kind of energy through the sensations of chills, and relaxing vibrations along my spine and shoulders. I would also feel it emotionally usually the feeling brings tears of happiness, of unconditional love and it would feel so warm that I would smile. It also felt as if my spirit was slipping out of my body through my back side, the sensation of being pulled back or like when gravity catches up to you in an elevator.

I would see things, images in my minds eye. this was my main form of psychic awareness, its known as clairvoyance or clear sight. I would feel things in my body, pains and emotions that were not my own, I would taste, smell things that were not in the room and hear songs like when a song gets stuck in your head and its replayed over and over in your thoughts. How do you know what your experiencing is outside of yourself or intuition over ego. It is not an easy question to answer because everyone will experience it differently. Most people don’t know that they are already using or had experience with psychic awareness, they were because in reality it feels natural, not like a gift at all.

There are no big flashing signs to say “yes your doing it right!” it actually happens very fast and subtle, if it comes with explanation or fear based ideas then it is most likely ego you are experiencing and this would be a great time to explore what your ego is trying to protect you from in that moment. the ego is like a band aid to an area that is wounded and needs healing.

most likely your reading this in hopes to understand the psychic clairs, or maybe you never knew what they were, and now you wonder if what you experienced was psychic awareness. I will do my best to help you understand how to trust yourself in the process.

Here is a list of all the psychic clairs and how we experience them:

  1. Clairvoyance (Clear sight) – My experience with Cliarvoyance is seeing images in your minds eye. If I asked you to picture a red car in your head what you see is how you experience clairvoyance, however, when using psychic awareness, it is best to allow the images come to you and not force yourself to see. I have had blurry images, ones that seem far away, or near to my left or right or so close up I’m getting small details to a bigger picture. It all matters in context to your intention. For instance say I’m reading about a career for a client. I see in the far distance (literally) ahead a person in a cap and gown like they are graduating college so I ask if they want to take college classes or are they going to graduate in the future because and explain what your seeing. What’s cool is you can ask your higher self to show a clearer image, or about a specific time and see what shows up. I compare clairvoyance to playing a game of charades.
  2. Claircognizance (Clear knowing)- My experience with this was actually one of my first ever. I would just know things as a child. I would also receive psychic downloads, which is like bits of wisdom, at a young age.
  3. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)- I would hear songs playing that no one else could hear, or hear whispers, or thoughts that are not your own. This last one is hard to explain and makes more sense when felt in action while being mindful.
  4. Clairempathy (Clear Emotional feeling) – This is the experience when you walk into a room and feel the energy, or talking to someone and the energy doesn’t feel right, or understanding someone without speaking to them. Most people refer to this as empathetic empathy, or being an empath.
  5. Clairsentience (Clear physical feeling) – I feel this in mediumship when a spirit is showing me where in their body they felt pain or discomfort, or even how they died. This is that same feeling empaths get but deeply felt in the body.
  6. Clairtangency (clear touching)- Through connection or touch you are able to obtain facts about an object, person or place. I have not had too much experience with this one.
  7. Clairsalience (clear smelling)- This one also I don’t have too much experience with, but this is where you smell things that are not there, for example maybe your grandpa used to smoke these really pungent cigars, and then you smell it out of the blue, without thinking of him first.
  8. Clairgustance (clear tasting) – When you taste things that are not there. The only time I get this is when my mouth waters, which is my sign that they used alcohol or drugs. Other people will taste the favorite drink or food of a passed loved one.

Hope you enjoyed reading this =)


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