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Your Gut Flora: Microbiome

Yoga for Brazilian Jujitsu: My Journey

“A journey of a thousand submissions begins with the submission of your ego” ~ Unknown When you bow onto the mat, it is a powerful moment. The bow is seen as an act of respect and honor. It reflects the inner- self, a check of the ego, a humble reminder that you are indifferent, creating […]

Your Gut Flora: Microbiome

Did you know that humans have billions of live bacteria including fungi and viruses in our gut? The majority of the bacteria is found in the large intestine, but it can also be found in the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. Our gut is where the food we eat is broken down into digestible sizes. […]

Spiritual Practice: Chakra Meditation

Take a seat on the pillow, the smell of incense and candles fill the air. I grab my steamy mug with mugwort tea, bitter tea, but I love it that way. I feel the tea helps me with my connection, because it relaxes me and makes my spirit warm. I love the ritual of it […]

Spiritual Practice: Psychic Senses, the Clairs’

My husband has seen me go through all my business adventures. Photography, Art, Cricut craft making, singing, and my favorite profession, a psychic medium. Really. No joke. I professionally read tarot, and gave intuitive readings to people mostly online for around 4 years. I actually still practice this. It was intimidating to read for others […]

Diets Don’t Work: Restrictive diets and unhealthy relationships with food

Diets can be a friend or “fri-enemy”. It’s scientifically proven that diets don’t work and can be unrealistic as a long term solution. Some diets can be extreme or really hard for certain individuals, like restrictive calorie intake, counting macros, or intermediate fasting. There is not a diet that fits all. That’s why I love […]

Support Local Business: Castle Rock, Co.

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Heal Yourself By Yourself

At the age of 52 my mom was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. By this time she had already been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, bi polar and more. She was given multiple prescriptions and told to go on a diet. The doctor prescribed one medication, then a second medication to […]

Primary Foods: Your Lifestyle is your Primary Nutrition

Do you remember what it was like to play outside as a kid? The freedom, imagination, fun and excitement. I was an explorer never to come inside until we badly needed water, or to check in to return to play. Food wasn’t on my mind, only my friends and our next adventure. Have you ever […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Who Am I? How Do I Get What I Want? What Do I Want? At a young age we are very sensitive to the world around us and our place within that world. We may feel our personal value is determined from society and not from within. We then feed off the expectations of society, […]

Positive Parenting

In a Perfect World we would be something like a Norman Rockwell painting. All the kids are happy, smiling, laughing. Both parents are living in the same household. The moms cook and clean and take care of the children while the dad works and relaxes smoking his cigar on his favorite arm chair in the […]

Go Local Organic and Heal Your Body and the Earth

Imagine a world where we can improve the function of our bodies while improving the quality of life, and the health of our planet. What does it mean to be locally organic? Organic farmers promote biodiversity by improving the quality of their soil by growing food organically. Organic food provides a healthily source of nutrients […]

Creating Luminous Spaces: Biophilic Design and Feng Shui

As a child I often moved my bedroom around. It changed with me, as I grew into my personality, my room adapted to my lifestyle. It was refreshing to wake up to what felt like a new home and one that felt closer to who I am as a person. Now that I am older, […]

The Secret Life of Water

I recently read a book called “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. It talked about the theory that water holds emotions and energy. I found this very interesting, because the human body is made up of more than 70% water. Most of us have only come to know water as an inanimate object, […]

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